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For the EuroTier 2018 in Hannover we present our new Newsletter Prüllage Latest News November 2018. Central Theme is the EuroTier with our novelties "alexa voice assistant", our new LED-Lighting Systems as well as the new turkey pan "TITAN" from ROXELL. Further more we inform you about our worldwide turnkey projects.
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Prüllage realise project in Turkmenistan

Josef Prüllage, Maksat Ismailovich (Project Manager from Turkmenistan), Heinz Prüllage and Ludger Prüllage

The new plant has a capacity of 4.800 tons turkey meat per year
The Prüllage Systeme GmbH supplies the complete equipment for 22 new turkey houses in Turkmenistan. They are build from the independent business owner Zerey Ibragimov in the region of Ahal Daihan Birleshik. The new plant consists of 3 houses for rearing turkey, 7 houses for turkey finishing (female) and 12 houses turkey finishing (male). The farm complex is build as a closed production cycle incl. hatchery, compound feed factory and slaughterhouse. At the first step the plant will have a capacity of 4.800 tons per year. Until 2020 it should be enlarged to 6.400 tons and after that up to 30.000 tons per year.
Prüllage supplies for this project the complete equipment from the feeding systems to drinking systems to the ventilation to the complete farm automation and management.

Agro Animal Show 2017

Prüllage show their products in Ukraine
The Agro Animal show 2017 takes place from 15 to 17 February 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. The vititors shows great interest in the products of Prüllage Systeme. So we could look back to a successful fair.
We will thank all visitors of our booth and a special thanks goes to our partner for the Ukraine company Demchak.
(Pictures Agro Animal Show 2017)

Review: EuroTier 2016

Prüllage System has shown "Agriculture 4.0"
The EuroTier 2016 has ended and we look back on this event. "With 2,629 exhibitors and 163,000 visitors, including 36,000 from outside Germany, the EuroTier 2016 exhibition has delivered again, breaking the previous record attendance of EuroTier 2012," stated Dr. Reinhard Grandke, Chief Executive Officer of EuroTier-organizer, DLG (German Agricultural Society), at the conclusion of the EuroTier exhibition on 18 November 2016 in Hanover [].
For Prüllage Systeme this fair was very successful, too. "Our new booth concept and our slogan AGRICULTUR 4.0 was received by the visitors very favourably!" was declared by Josef Prüllage after the fair. Many visitors was especially interested in the PR-FC NETWORK as integral housing management system. Prüllage's PR-FC NETWORK connect all devices in the animal housing. This means that feeding, air conditioning, weighing technology, grinder-mixer, etc. can all communicate. But also the piglet feeding system Milk 2;Feed was in great demand.
At this point we want to thank all visitors for visiting our booth and we will be glad for further contacts with you.
[Pictures EuroTier 2016]

Agriculture 4.0

Holdorf company networks animal housing technology and buildings
Holdorf. The sci-fi farm is now a reality. Prüllage Systeme from Holdorf in Lower Saxony can fully network animal housing technology across housing facilities. That makes the company a pioneer in its field, ready for the future. Prüllage Systeme presents Agriculture 4.0 at the EuroTier exhibition in Hannover (hall 17, stand D29), showing us what can already be done in this area.
The company"s developments make managing and monitoring systems easier and more secure than ever before. The system works for the whole farm, including outdoor animal housing, and can be used for everything from feeding to ventilation and mixer management to weighing animals and vehicles.

Extension app platform
The key to the system is the new extension app platform. This forms a universal interface for Prüllage Systeme"s PR-FC V2 farm management system. Farmers can integrate additional modules directly into the farm management system with just a few clicks and then access them from a smartphone, tablet or home PC.
Users can even make information available online. In the future, this should enable data such as the fill level of silos to be transmitted to feed suppliers to ensure timely and automatic delivery of feed. Prüllage Systeme"s new programs can automatically analyse data and generate reports which could be sent straight to a tax adviser, for example.
The app is always being expanded. The farmer"s chosen apps can be downloaded and automatically installed and integrated into the PR Farm Control system with the click of a mouse. And the extension app platform can be used for even more applications. Apps can be used to check information online such as weather data or pig prices.
EXTENDED NUTRIENTS enhances feed management using a nutrient calculator. A COST REPORT shows figures for consumption and costs, then the farmer can use the CURVE PLANNER to adjust the curve for feeding. This can reduce feed costs or optimise fattening periods. Animal housing and outbuildings can be monitored in real time using the CAMERA VIEWER.
The STAY CONNECTED extension app is a live chat function allowing all PR-FC Network users to connect and talk.
As well as the PRÜLLAGE App, the new system also implements individual solutions tailored to the customer. This makes the PR-FC V2 the nerve centre of the farm, meaning the farmer no longer needs to keep switching between different programs. Instead, everything he or she needs is available in Prüllage"s farm management software.

MMC grinder-mixer controller
Prüllage Systeme"s new MMC grinder-mixer controller enhances dry or liquid feed systems. It simultaneously controls the whole grinder-mixer system and centrally manages which feed systems need replenishing. This way, partial data from all feed stations is collated and storage is centrally managed. The MMC can be fully integrated into the PR Farm Control system and therefore run and monitored from the housing computer.

MILK2FEED piglet feeding system
The MILK2FEED piglet feeding system is another innovation. It allows piglets to receive top-up milk as early as the farrowing pen. A milk substitute is used and later a pre-starter is dispensed. The piglets also have easy access to additional food from the piglet feeding dish built into the farrowing pen. This feeding system, too, is managed via Prüllage"s PR-FC V2 software.

PS-HD eco high-pressure blower
The PS-HD eco high-pressure blower is Prüllage Systeme"s new air-conditioning solution. It was specially developed for use in waste air purification systems. All mounting brackets, the mounting ring and the motor shaft are made solely from stainless steel and the fan blades from acid-resistant plastic. The engine shaft features a special sealing system for optimum protection of the ball bearings and coil. At 2.2 kW, the high-performance motor guarantees a high level of airflow, even at high pressure. This blower is also particularly energy efficient.

Innovations EuroTier 2016

25. March 2011: Open Day in Eydelstedt

The two new broiler houses of the family Koop-Kattau were inaugurated.
On Friday the 25th March 2011, the new stables of the family Koop-Kattau from Diepholz was presented to the public. Each broiler house has a dimension of 20 x 86 m and providing square for approximately 40,000 animals. Both stables are associated with a breaker, in which the central control technology is places, like the climate control, the feeding control, the water supply, etc..
Prüllage Systeme supplied for this project the total livestock equipment. So the stables was equopped with the feed lines feed point to ensure optimal feed supply for the broiler. For water supply, ground support impregnation have been installed. Prüllage also supplied the entire climate-control technology from the ventilation system through the heating system to the control cabinet and the entire electrical engineering.
For the very nice and helpful cooperation with the family Koop-Kattau we hereby sincerely thank you. Without you, this beautiful and successful open day would not have been possible. We wish you with your two new broiler houses every success and good luck for the future.
Here you can see some impressions to the open door at family Koop-Kattau.

pictures Koop-Kattau

04. March 2011: Open Day in Nordhorn

fattening stable for 1000 pigs opened successfully
On 04.03.2011 there was an open day for family Scholten from Nordhorn germany. Together with Raiffeisen-Grenzland eG the new pig house with 980 fattening places was presented to the public. Prüllage Systeme realized this project as a turn key project. For the owner Jan-Harm Scholten the following main points in this project were important: The stable should be build "simple and good" and it should be without any technical "bells and whistles ". Thus, the newly built house with the dimensions 43 x 23 m was fitted with a single-masonry. Here, a 30's commercial brick was used, which is frost resistant. The roof - a truss structure - is covered with red corrugated fiber cement sheets and roof space was completely isolated.
The house consists of four compartments, each with 16 pens. The lining is "just " two dry pipe chain conveyor, which were moved through the entire house. The supply air for the house is first drawn over the eaves in the roof space and then falls through a slot ventilation in the patrol of the compartment. Over two extraction point the exhaust air passed to the central exhaust channel and crossed over the central exhaust out of the stable.
At this point we would like to thank family Scholten and the Raiffeisen-Grenzland eG for the good and very nice working, through which these successful open day was possible. We wish the family Scholten much success with the new stable and look forward to further cooperation.
Here you get a few impressions to the open day at family Scholten.

pictures Scholten

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