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Genearal Informations

The utmost care was taken to ensure the correctness and entirety of the information included. However it is not practicable to rule out possible mistakes. Prüllage Systeme GmbH can therefore not be held liable for damages which result from the use of these contents.

Exclusion of liability


Prüllage Systeme GmbH undertakes no guarantee that the information provided is up to date, correct, complete or for the quality of the information provided. Liability claims against Prüllage Systeme GmbH which are related to material or ideal damages and are caused by the use or failure to use the information offered or caused by the use of incorrect and incomplete information are absolutely excluded in as much as Prüllage Systeme GmbH cannot be proven to be deliberately responsible or have committed gross negligence.
All offers are without engagement and non-binding. Prüllage Systeme GmbH specifically reserves their rights to change, supplement and delete parts of the pages or the whole offer without giving extra notice or to stop it for a certain period or altogether

The national court decided in the judgement of Mai 12. in 1998, that everybody, who fixed a link on his website has to ask for the contens of this link.This can just be prevented if you expressly dissociate yourself from the contents of these link.
On our website are links to other contentses in the world wide web. To the links applies: we are emphasizing exprssly, that we have no influence on the designing and on the contentd s of these linked websites. Thats why we are dissociating ourselfs expressly from the contents of these linked websites. This explantation applies for all links on our website.

Legal force of this non-liability:

This non-liability is a part of the internetoffer, which refers to this website. Provided that parts or single formulations of this text don t, no more or not completely correspond to the present law the other parts of the dokument remain unaffected in their contents and in their validity.

Prüllage Systeme GmbH is endeavour to consider in all publications the copyright of the used Diagramms, audio dokuments, vidios and texts , use their own provided Diagramms, audia dokomments, vidio dokument and texts or fall back on license-free Diagramms, audio dokuments, vidio dokuments and texts. The Copyright for published, by Prüllage Systeme GmbH own provides objects remains only by Prüllage Systeme GmbH. A duplication or use of such diagramms, audio dokuments, vidio dokuments and texts in other electric or printed publikations isn t permitted without a expressly agreement of Prüllage Systeme GmbH.

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