a comprehensive turkey housing system

The complete package form Prüllage

The key to economic success for any livestock farming enterprise is healthy, high-yield animals. However, their well-being is dependent on many factors.

This is why Prüllage offers complete housing solutions for poultry farming. We take care of every single ingredient for success, down to the smallest detail. We provide and fit housing, feed technology, air conditioning, feed storage and electrical engineering. All components are designed to work together and be centrally controlled.

You won t find any off-the-shelf systems here. We develop solutions to best suit you, your animals and the demands of your business.

Our team of professionals will guide you from your first consultation to build completion and into the future. Your one-stop shop.

Brochure turkey housing

The complete package from Prüllage
In our new brochure "a comprehensive laying-hen housing system" you can find all products regarding layers and broiler breeders housing.
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