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Digitisation and turnkey barn construction

Digitisation is also increasingly gaining ground in agriculture in parallel with automation. One company at the leading edge of development in these fields and as rich in innovation as it is in tradition is Prüllage Systeme of Holdorf in Lower Saxony. The smart farming systems developed by Prüllage in recent years have already made history in the world of "Agriculture 4.0 .
Farm systems can be controlled more easily and safely today than ever before thanks to the many new and improved products and the careful thinking which has gone into the designs. This applies to various systems, such as feeding, ventilation, weighing scales for animals and vehicles, milling and mixing. But this is only the beginning because digitally controlled systems are becoming increasingly common in the modern-day barn, not only simplifying processes but also promoting animal welfare and improving conservation of resources and environmental protection in agriculture. Prüllage Systeme will be exhibiting the full range of products at EuroTier 2018 in Hanover Hall 17, Stand E23.

alexa voice assistant

She has been around since 2015 the smart, voice-controlled and Internet-based assistant by the name of Alexa. Many people already know her and ask her to play music or explain terms and use her as an alarm clock, calendar and so on and so forth ... The experts at Prüllage Systeme have succeeded in expanding on this basic technology and adding completely new skills geared precisely to agricultural use. Introducing the Alexa voice assistant which in conjunction with the PR Farm Control management program allows rapid and simple precision control using voice commands to check and change settings. In the barn, from the sofa or on the road.


Let there be light!
Bright, flicker-free light in the barn promotes the well-being and therefore also the productivity of the animals. At the same time, it provides better working conditions for employees. A new generation of LED lights is now available which can lay claim to these virtues. The tubes are easy to install, simple to maintain, watertight, dust-proof and most impressively economical. This is due on the one hand to the low energy consumption (65% reduction) and on the other hand to the extremely long lamp service life of up to 50,000 hours.


Automatic litter system
If the cattle, pigs and poultry are happy, the same can generally be said of the farmer. The bedding in the barn is one of the factors having a major influence on the well-being of the animals. It provides insulation from the cold ground, creates a favourable microclimate, and acts as an absorbent layer for droppings and water. The fully automatic, quiet-running and space-saving BeddingPoint litter system developed by Prüllage Systeme has virtually revolutionised the bedding process in barns. There is no need for a tractor or any other machines to scatter and spread the litter so this also means that no staff are required. The barn doors remain closed during the process which is good for hygiene in the barn and keeps out rodents and vermin. Another advantage is that the amount of litter required is measured more precisely. All in all, this technology cuts costs and reduces stress.


This is how suckling pigs are fed today
is the name of the new suckling pig feeding system where the baby animals are fed in the farrowing pen beginning with a milk replacer and then moving onto a pre-starter diet. The feeding system is controlled by the PR-FC V2 farm management software supplied by Prüllage Systeme (which can also be integrated in the PC-FC NETWORK). The process of operating and cleaning the removable feed trays is simple and therefore meets the highest standards of hygiene.


Move along please!
A farrowing pen which provides sows and piglets with more freedom of movement prevents injuries. The new free-range pen developed by Prüllage Systeme, FreeMove, is comprised of robust units measuring between 6.5 and 7.5 m2. The fact that the piglet nest can be separately locked and is easy to open is a particular advantage which allows optimum control and handling of the animals. The integrated farrowing crate also provides protection for the baby animals, preventing them from being injured by the mother.

Turnkey solutions

Turnkey construction including technical equipment
Many farmers know Prüllage Systeme for its turnkey solutions in barn construction. These perfect "one-stop shop all-inclusive packages have proved their worth and stood the test of time over many years. Not only do they meet all the legal requirements but, most importantly, they also promote the welfare of the animals and increase their productivity, protect the environment and conserve resources. The company is setting clear trends both nationally and internationally with these installations which are perfectly complemented by modern automation and digitisation systems.

alexa voice assistant


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